Official Review: Xonarye by SHS

by Marina Elias » Mar 24, 2021

Thank you to Booktasters and the author for sending me this copy!

I enjoyed the premise of the book. The pacing of the book was just right for the genre of the book and the length of the chapters and how they were divided made the book very accessible and easy to read.

I loved the chapters where the friendship that’s between Leaf, Frank, Spenc, and Summo shined. I thought it was so cute and wholesome. And the friendship was well written.

Selina was my favorite character because she is witty and protective of the boys and quite dynamic.
I loved that book had an open ending, it added to the sense of mystery and adventure of the book.

Overall the book is packed with so many adventures for such a short book in the best way possible and the characters were very interesting.


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Xonarye Book Review

It’s an ordinary day for Leaf at his construction job when he stumbles upon a discovery that sends him on the adventure of a lifetime. His mission is to find the lost country of Xonarye and restore it back to the surface from the depths of the ocean. It will be a dangerous mission that must be carried out in secrecy. Lucky for him, the giver of this mission left him a million dollars and a good lawyer as his ally.

The only people who know about Leaf’s mission are his lawyer Frank and his two best friends, Spence and Summo. Soon they attract the attention of a secret organization known as Reblick. This organisation is dangerous, they must do everything in their power to avoid further detection.

Xonarye is a thrilling adventure about a young man on a big mission. Leaf lives in the small town of Naracoorte Australia. It’s been his lifelong dream to travel the world. He gets his wish through this mission and although it will be dangerous, it’s a chance to actualize his dream while still young.

This is a suspenseful thriller. Tension builds up steadily in the plot and escalates every time the author introduces a new character. His descriptions paint a vivid picture of the scenery making it easy to imagine yourself as a fly on the wall or even one of the characters. I rate it 5 out of 5 and recommend it to everyone who enjoys thrillers and suspenseful dramas.

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by S.H.S. (Goodreads Author)
Books Bloom✶‘s review

This book is about the mystery of the earth that nobody knows. Although everything is there on the Internet, there are some mysteries that no one knows. What are those mysteries? You’ll find it in this book.
I enjoy reading this book. In my opinion, this is a very amazing book, worth reading. The pace of the book is just right. It’s not a very long book which I honestly love. Also, the chapters are short and amazing. All the characters are very interesting and well-illustrated. Every incident is elaborate very beautifully.
Overall, the book is worth reading. You’re gonna love this book if you love mysteries.

Books Bloom✶’s review of Xonarye | Goodreads

by S.H.S. (Goodreads Author)
EmioÑa Hammam‘s review

Although this book is just the right length and pace of the plot for its story, it is not so much my cup of tea. I liked the mystery concept, it gives a symbolic meaning beyond the story itself. The Unique title adds to the mystery element and symbolism. Nothing ever in the Universe can have all answers.